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Bummer Jams 2012

by Our First Brains

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  • Bummer Jams 2012
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Our First Brain's first EP released July 13th 2012. Recorded in Sonia's parents garage.

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released July 13, 2012



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Our First Brains Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Violent Girl
You’re breaking your neck so your chin can stand up and you’re drinking these bottles of generic cola. You don’t want to go home this camera it steals your soul. You’re just a violent girl you, don’t need to think twice you just think with your knife and you shove it against my throat. Christina you know your violence hurts? You know that you’re violent words? You don’t need to think first you just think I’m the worst and you’re shoving it down my throat I know.
Track Name: Chivalry's Dead, Sugar
I’m not going to buy you a diamond because that’s just disgusting. Wouldn’t you be happy with plastic composite rings from a vending machine? If I got on my knees would you say “I don’t know what it means?” I’m not going to buy you a bouquet if that’s what you’re expecting. I don’t open doors and I don’t want to hold your hand. Because I can and I won’t and romance is a joke because I said that I cared but I don’t.
Track Name: Stay With Me
Back in the day, far and away, you taught me to dance and you likened the seen to oddly specific aquatic reptile, so I hid in my shell and stayed there for a while. But you pulled me out fast, black dress and blue bow, the way that you smelled, the way I wasn’t alone, when you took both my hands, and said just move your hips, but I couldn’t stop planning out routes to your lips. And the virgin drinks in the solo cups made it feel so cheap to feel all grown up, exploring new worlds we were partners in crime, falling in love all this time. Remember everything, stay with me. We’ll fix you up you’ll see, stay with me. So we try to stay calm and we try to think straight but we're so tired and it’s sure getting late around here is it all coming loud and clear? (So we try to stay calm and we try to think straight but we're stuck in somewhere that we just can't quite see our way out of this time. Is our luck running dry, are we?)
Track Name: Beach Boy
You are my beach boy my number one so much fun summer of love. Or so it was I thought but it's not your red hands they were caught. I saw you with him on the shore you said it didn't mean anything to you, not from my point of view. You want a second chance but I want you gone put your pants back on. You follow me just like a dog, and stick to me like the ugliest leech I’ve ever seen you with him out on the shore fuck you! I don't want to see you anymore. I brought my guard down just for you but as it turns out in the end I will never fall in love again. I brought down mountains just for you but as it turns out in the end I will never fall in love again.
Track Name: Attention Spans, They Die
Little do I know I know that I’m in your hair, you know that you’re in my head. I’m sorry for being strange or if I stare into space for an excessive amount of time. We eat for attention, spans they die and maybe if I were Seth Cohen you could be my Summer or at least my Anna Stern and maybe if I were a superhero you could be my Mary Jane or my Rachel or my Lois Lane and we could climb up to the tallest city shoulders and watch it rain.